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If you love searching for collectibles, finding the Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith statues will be one of your biggest tasks. Each one rewards some Diablo 4 renown and also unlocks stat bonuses for all your future characters in the same realm.

Every Altar of Lilith can be found in the overworld, so don't worry about searching for them inside dungeons. The downside is: these statues aren't marked on the map until you unlock them. Some are pretty easy to find alongside the edges of paths, but others are a bit tricky to spot despite their ominous red glow.

Below, you'll see Altar of Lilith locations for all the areas in Sanctuary for those looking to sweep those statues fast, and a few hints on how to find some of the trickier ones. 

Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith: How they work

Altars of Lilith provide permanent stats boosts to all your future characters on the Eternal realm (separate from seasonal characters) and can only be earned once. Every Altar of Lilith will reward 10 area renown, regular experience for your character, and one of the following stat boosts: 

The Altar of Lilith locations are broken up by area and you'll find maps for each below. The statues are numbered, giving you a rough idea of the route to take to claim each one without going too far out of your way. For the most part, heading to the marked location makes it easy enough to locate the Lilith statue holding a glowing red ball. You just need to interact with it to unlock the stat bonuses and the icon on your map.

There are a select few that aren't as obvious, though, as some are tucked away in hidden corners or obscured by trees or other environmental objects. Additionally, some are even locked behind strongholds, which you'll need to complete to access the area that they reside in. 

Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith locations

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There are a total of 28 Altars of Lilith in Fractured Peaks, the first major area you'll encounter in Diablo 4. The map above shows each location, with the trickier ones listed below, along with the corresponding numbers.

2. Crags of Ill Wind: At the bottom of a small ridge.
3. The Deep White: Also tucked at the bottom of a ridge.
6. Fields of Judgment: Inside a rocky crater facing away from the path.
8. Malnok: Cannot be unlocked until you clear the stronghold—inside a house blocked by ice.
22. Nostrava: Cannot be unlocked until you clear the stronghold, through a broken wall at the back of a house.
25. Melnik's Hill: Inside a house.
26. Kor Dragan: Cannot be unlocked until you clear the stronghold—on the south ramparts accessed by a ladder.

Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations

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Now that you know what you're looking for, here are the locations of all 34 Altars of Lilith in Scosglen. Check the map above for each location, though you can find the more obscure statues detailed below.

5. The Daudur Peats: Almost directly east of Tirmair, this statue is very difficult to find as it's almost completely obscured by a wall.
14. Moordaine Lodge: This one is at the site of a stronghold, but you can grab it without completing the objective there. Just duck under the log to the northwest of the entrance.
21. Stormbreak Cove: On the shore southeast of Hope's Light. This statue is another that has its back to the camera, making it pretty difficult to spot.
23. Hope's Light: For this one, you'll need to unlock the stronghold before you can grab the statue over to the east.
26. Tur Dulra: This Lilith statue is to the east of the stronghold. You don't need to unlock it to access it, but you'll need to break a log to reveal the jump across to the small platform where it is.

Dry Steppes Altar of Lilith locations

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There are a total of 33 Altars of Lilith in Dry Steppes. The map above shows each statue location, and you can find the whereabouts of trickier ones listed below.

1. Wayward Plains, north: This Lilith statue is found at the back of a cave, partially hidden by the cave wall.
13. The Onyx Watchtower: This statue is hidden in a cave on the southeast corner of the stronghold. You'll need to run through a lot of enemies to get to the entrance, which you'll need to reveal by breaking wooden carts. There's no need to unlock the whole stronghold to grab it.
16. Path of Stray Souls: South of Fate's Retreat, this statue is hidden behind some rocks, making it difficult to spot.
18. Qara Yisu: Find this statue to the east of the stronghold. You won't need to unlock it, but it is quite hidden by the wooden scaffolding.
27. Temple of Rot: You won't need to clear this stronghold to get the statue. Just run in and click on it.

Kehjistan Altar of Lilith locations

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You can find a further 31 Altars of Lilith in Kehjistan. Check out the map above for all the locations, with the more difficult-to-find statues detailed below.

1. Altar of Ruin: Another altar you can grab without unlocking the stronghold. You'll need to run past several packs of enemies to reach it though.
13. Central Plateau: This statue is also hidden by trees and has its back facing the camera, making it even more tricky to spot.
18. Omath's Redoubt: You need to unlock this stronghold to open the door that leads to the Altar of Lilith here. It's easy to find once you do.
21. Fields of Hatred, northwest: This one is very well hidden by trees.
27. Alcarnus: This statue can be grabbed with little trouble. There are a few enemies about but you'll probably have more trouble trying to see it. It's partially hidden by the wooden scaffolding next to a building.

Hawezar Altar of Lilith locations

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There are a total of 34 Altars of Lilith in Hawezar. The map above shows each statue's location, and like before, details of where to find some of the more well-hidden statues can be found below.

5. Crusader's Monument: You can run in and grab this statue without unlocking the stronghold first. It's partially hidden by a tree on the left of the platform.
8. Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Found in the north-most area of the keep. You'll need to jump across to reach it.
10. Blightmarsh, northwest: Find this one tucked away in a narrow alcove.
22. Vyeresz: This one is inside a stronghold, though you can just run in and grab it if you're quick. An elite will spawn on the platform it's on though, so be careful.
33. Eriman's Pyre: You need to unlock the stronghold to access this one. It's found next to the Oblivion dungeon entrance.

Once you've found all of the statues in a region, you'll complete the Altar of Lilith Seeker challenge and get the Seeker and Wily players titles. If you manage to find all of them, you'll complete the Collector challenge and get the Hoarder and Treasure titles. 


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